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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mother and Son arrested in a Nigerian check scam

"Mother & son arrested in check fraud

A mother and son were arrested last week for fraud in connection with the so-called Nigerian check fraud scam after a counterfeit check for $4,700 was deposited at Downey Saving Bank in Banning.

Police say that last April 2 an unidentified man posing as Devin Oyervides deposited a counterfeit check into Oyervides' account. As a result, Susana Oyervides, 43, and her son, Devin Alexander Oyervides, 22, were arrested by Banning detectives for “facilitating the deposit of a counterfeit check.” Police allege they provided the son's personal and checking account information to a man known only as “Derrick Love” on the Internet to create a counterfeit check. They were directed by Love to make withdrawals from the bank and to wire the money to Nigeria. They got $300 for their participation, police said. Devin Oyervides was arrested Aug. 20, at his work place in Beaumont. His mother was arrested at her home in Moreno Valley."

Law Enforcement does not recognize ignorance as an excuse. Innocent people are prosecuted every day for fraud schemes that they believed were legit.

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