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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Be Careful On Global Trading Websites

There are a lot of Global Trading Websites out there, a place to find product suppliers from other countries. For example, Alibaba.com is the largest trading site I am aware of, and It is a good place to network, however, it is chocked full of scammers, so we have to be very careful of who we deal with, because Alibaba hides behind their very legal "Disclaimer", and will do absolutely NOTHING to help you if you get duped. Here is a fellow Alibaba member, who like many others, was a victim of a scammer. Here are Gary's words:

G'Day Angela,
Like you I am a victim of the infamous "Gold Member" and "Trust Pass" boys from Alibaba, I applaud you on setting up a site to help expose these bastards and would like to contribute any way I can.
What infuriates me most is that the Alibaba management, despite thousands of complaints both directly to them and on their own forums, continually hide behind the facade of their "Disclaimer" and will do nothing to stop these scams continuing.
I have had numerous discussions with them and the only way they will take down a site or suspend them from trading on Alibaba is if a court action is instigated against a company.
They know that this is virtually impossible in China for a foreigner so they just sit back and collect the fees that they charge to allow these trustworthy logos on sites. Anyone can do it, all you need to be is a registered company with a half decent credit rating and be willing to pay the fees, you pay the money and you get the logos, that's it. However after scouring the net I found a site that is able to cross borders and at this moment we are filing a court action against one of the "trustworthy" companies, here is the link,
Have a good read , it may help you with your own problems and could you please send me the URL of your site, as I said before I would like to contribute anyway I can.

Cheers for now,

* REMEMBER to protect yourself, do your research, and be very confident about who you are doing business with.


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