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Sunday, May 6, 2007

I Was Ripped Off Big Time!

Hi, I found you on alibaba.com
My name is Ouahiba Smaoui, my trade manager ID is wahiba33, Florida USA. on april 16th 2007 ,
I have been contacted by Mr. John Steve ,a free member from Party Superstores Limited company from UK regarding buying GSM phones.
After a long chat on trade manager,he convinced me to buy from him, and I fell for the price, and never thought it was a scam until later.
I placed an order on of 10 units of NOKIA N95/N76 , and I paid $1000usd via western union (receipt attached).Once I gave him the MTCN# , he disappered, and never signed in to his trade manager or online.
I sent him emails,messages but in vain,I knew then that I was ripped off!!
I do have all proofs of conversations with him,on trade manager and on messenger.
His trade manager ID was coldsteve4sure .
I am seeking your help. Is there any way to get a hold of him or get my money back? I am desperately upset and furious of my stupidity in trusting this member on this site.
Please contact me with any information needed to help solve this matter,I can provide you with copies of all conversations with him.


The same day, April 16th 2007, I was contacted by another company :Putian Licheng District Meifeng Package Factory ,I said ok this one is a gold member and has a trust-pass...so I ordered from them and sent $1000usd with Western Union for 5units of Nokia N95 new edition. A week later, I received only 3 units, but they were fake!! replicas!! I went right away and sent them back to them, I chat with the seller again on trade manager : Andrew ID was cgs_rainysharing, he never answered back and he changed his name to :huangjianyu
Anyways,I never had a chance to get on hold of him,I contacted all members of the company,even the manager won't answer back up to today.
I have attached all proofs,conversations,emails,receipts,invoices.......

Here are all their emails:

1- johnsteve4ltd@hotmail.com
Hello Ms Ouahiba,
The goods will be ship via Express delivery DHL / UPS 2-3 days delivery after shipment through a shipping company and below is the information you need to wire payment . NAME : JOHN STEVE
EC1M 4DN : UKA : $1000USD
Have the payment made via western union money transfer or money gram and do get back to me with the mtcn # which is the money transfer control number with the sender information exactly as it's on western union or money gram form fill , I will be on my way to confirm the payment,Tina will head to have the goods scheldule for shipping and I will get back to you with the tracking number to enable you to track the status of the shipment, Looking forward to read from you with the payment information. Hope we can do business with you in future Thank you very much ! Best Regard. Mr Steve


Anonymous said...

western union, i was scammed through it also, but just for $150(i ordered just a sample, and this fake item arrived and they said that their return policy only worked with orders bigger than one piece, funny huh?) good thing that after that scammed i decided to learn more about this kind of business and thanks to this kind of websites i have learned alot


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