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Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Victim Explains How He Got His Money Back After Being Scammed

The following is a letter sent to me from a victim of fraud. He shares with us how he was able to get his money back. This story happened on a global trading website, however this advice could be applied to a similar situation.

I am also a victim of a scam. My incident happened while trying to purchase wholesale goods, from a chinese company through Alibaba.com. (The Fraud company goes by the name of Putian Licheng Footwear Co Ltd.)
I have found (since losing a lot of money), that Alibaba protects it's Gold Members and Trust Pass Members, because without the membership fees those Members pay to Alibaba, they would not have a million dollar company.
Alibaba states in their Terms & Conditions that they will not act against any Company if you do not have a 'Court Of Law Document'.
What this 'Court Of Law Document' means is anyone's guess, however, you can do what I have done.
There must be a Courthouse in your country/county that handles Small Claims. Meaning... if you have a dispute against a person or company in your country.... you can take them to Court. I recommend finding the one nearest you.
I suggest that you get a copy of this type of 'Court of Law document'/a document that you would need to take a person to court. Fill in as much as the details that you can, especially about the company/person that frauded you, and email this Court Document to Alibaba(Or whatever company/website you were frauded through) and order Alibaba to take action against this Company.

This is what I did, and I began to see some action from Alibaba....however you must keep on their backs: call and email them every day, and demand to know what is being done. Also email the company concerned, even if they block you, for evidence.

Then you send copies of emails/proof to Alibaba, to show you have been trying to contact the company and they refuse to answer. Don't give up, keep at them. Demand that Alibaba cancel or suspend their Gold Membership.

Here is a small extract from Alibabas Terms & Conditions for Gold Members:

"ALIBABA.COM Terms of Use Agreement

5.5 Each User hereby represents, warrants and agrees that information submitted to Alibaba.com for display on the Site shall not:

(a) contain fraudulent information or make fraudulent offers of items or involve the sale or attempted sale of counterfeit or stolen items or items whose sales and/or marketing is prohibited by applicable law, or otherwise promote other illegal activities;
(b) be part of a scheme to defraud other Users of the Site or for any other unlawful purpose;"

Copy this to your email to Alibaba, just to remind them of their own obligations as regarding Gold Member and Trust Pass members who operate under their Banner.
Maybe if we start to flood Alibaba with Court Of Law documents, us innocent buyers will stop getting ripped of by fraudulent scammers.

Good Luck

- Thank you Gary, for sharing your story with us!!


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