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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Domain Name Scam from ILSCORP.net (AKA Internet Listing Service Corp.)

I received an email from ILSCORP.net (A.K.A. Internet Listing Service Corp.), stating that my bill was due for my domain name, InternetFraudHelp.com.

The thing is, I do all of my domains and web hosting through Go Daddy, (who are AWESOME, by the way). At the bottom of the email, in teeny tiny writing, was the following: "This is not a bill. This is a solicitation. You are under no obligation to pay the amount stated above unless you accept this offer."

What A Bunch Of Jerks. So this is my message to you, ilscorp: If I wanted your stupid service, I would of let you know. Instead, since you want to be shady and try to scam people, you are now exposed here. My advice is do not ever do business with anyone that tries to use deception to gain your business.


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