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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Everyone Claims To Be A Wholesaler Of Today's Hottest Electronics

Electronics are the hottest commodity online. Everyone wants to get in on a piece of the pie. Including the scammers. The hottest products are what the scammers look for. They are in high demand,and wanted by the masses. This makes it easy for scammers to convince unsuspecting buyers to buy from them. By offering low prices, victims are lured in, blinded by the dollar signs that have blinded them.
Newbies that have no idea of the electronics industry, find a website like Alibaba.com, post a buying lead for...let's say iPods, and within days there are tons of replies from 'alleged' suppliers.

Let me elaborate a little about the requirements of being a legitimate supplier:

iPods - In order to be a legitimate retailer, you must purchase $100,000 worth of inventory. If you are not an authorized retailer for them, they will not offer support, cover warranties or any guarantees.

Gaming Systems - There are licensing and retail sales territory agreements. You must be licensed directly through those companies. That kind of licensing, generally require large brick & mortar retail based operations and large order requirements. Meaning, You have to be a well established company with hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in your products.

Cellular Phones - Contracting agreements. You have to be an authorized dealer through each cell phone manufacturer for the brand that you want to sell. So you will have to contact each company to find out how to become an authorized dealer.

Brand Name Clothing - (Think Juicy Couture, Gucci, Abercrombie & Fitch, Etc. )
There is a major problem with counterfeits. The manufacturers/brands will not allow their products to be sold on the Internet, unless they give you direct permission to do so. You will need to buy the products up front in large quantities, because they don't want to handle the returns. Most of these name brand companies only work with large brick and mortar stores that also supplement selling online. Ebay has a huge issue with conterfeits. Always check where it is coming from. Overseas for something like Abercrombie & Fitch - counterfeit.

Not to be a rotton apple, but If you have been thinking about selling these types of products, I would recommend changing your direction.
I feel that you will eventually figure out though that competing in these areas is futile. You are better off finding a niche and selling "everyday" items to that niche.

Take me, for example. This whole website was created because I thought I wanted to sell Nintendo Wii's & Playstations. After almost getting scammed and wasting my valuable time with a very good scammer, I knew that my 'niche' was to help others from these scammers. To learn more about why a niche is so valuable, there is a very good article here at thebillyAblog.

If you still are convinced that electronics is your yellow brick road, these are the only suppliers that I know of that are legit and deal with smaller resellers:


So, after countless hours of research and dedication, here we are. Spread the word. And together, we can make a difference.

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