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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Plasma TV Rip Off

Here in California, there is a gang of con artists posing as contractors & ripping off Restaurants & other businesses.
The restaurant manger I spoke with informed me that the individuals walked in to the restaurant, claiming to be a construction company. The manager made an agreement with the cons to have the kitchen cook vents cleaned. The fake workers had bogus insurance, a bogus license, fake paperwork & id's...the whole nine yards of made up fake credentials.
So, on a Sunday night a few weeks back after the restaurant closed, the fake workers were given the keys, the alarm & the green light to steal.
They stole one item:

No alcohol, no equipment, no money, no food, no computers......all that fabricated paperwork & creating a felony - for a TV.
Seriously ask yourself - is it worth th risk?

1. Be Leary of walk-ins. Do your background homework.
2. Make phone calls, do research, get references - always make sure contractors check out.
3. Security cameras are a great idea if workers are left in establishments without supervision.

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