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Friday, April 20, 2007

Real Lotteries Vs. Lottery Scams

International Lotteries vs. Lottery Scams

How to tell the difference between a government operated lottery, an International lottery, and a scam letter that says you won the lottery.

Note: It is illegal for US Citizens to enter foreign lotteries: Federal Statute

Sweepstakes are advertiser-sponsored and are used for the specific purpose of providing marketing exposure. There is no entry fee and jackpots are provided by those advertisers. Therefore, it is in their best interest to advertise as much as possible through 3rd party email marketing programs.
Country and state lotteries (i.e. government lotteries) target the residents of that country or state and their advertising is through the media. That means through the use of billboards, newspapers, and TV and radio commercials - NOT email. There is an entry fee, and the value of the jackpot is the cumulative total of all the entry fees less operating expenses. (See Sponsored vs. Operated Lotteries)

Government Operated Lotteries:

- Do not use agents.
- Have well-organized and informative web sites that DO NOT have anything to do with investments or banks.
- Have web sites written in the native language of the residents of that country or state.
- Allow for a choice of whether you want your name used for publicity purposes or not.
- Provide registration for players and a personal player account.
- Are subject to the lottery laws and rules as established by the Lottery Commission of that country. These can be found under "Terms and Conditions" (in the native language) on each site, or under an explanation link or history link on the site.

You are expected to pay your taxes. If you enter the lottery of a foreign country, then you are responsible for the taxes in that country and, in many cases, your own. Don't let yourself in for any unpleasant surprises - check your tax laws. Taxes for the lottery country are removed from the winnings before disbursement to the winner.
One good place to check out available government operated lotteries, and how their web sites are set up, is here: http://www.lotteryinsider.com.au/links.html.

Do your homework before handing over your money to anyone.
Entering a lottery is gambling.
Spend your money wisely and responsibly.

Resource: http://www.fraudaid.com/ScamSpam/Lottery/international_lotteries.htm


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