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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Identity Theft Is A Headache That No One Wants

There is no way to describe the extreme frustration that a victim of identity theft goes through. the only words that come to mind is that is really sucks. Let me go into detail about the recent events in my life.
My significant other and I went to Circuit City to buy a new entertainment system for our living room less than a month ago. 99% of the time we pay cash for everything, but this time, since they had one of their '0% interest for 12 months' credit promotions, we decided to open a new credit account, and pay it off in a month or so. That day, the credit card was started with a $7,000 limit. We charged
$4,000, so there was $3,000 credit still available. The transaction was completed in the store, and we were informed that our new credit card should arrive in the mail within a couple of weeks.
After two weeks, we received a bill in the mail for the full $7,000. WTF? We are still waiting for the credit card to arrive.
The credit card was issued through Chase Bank, so we called them up. After explaining to them that we have not even received the card to make an additional $3,000 worth of charges, they informed us that our address was changed,
(which, according to Chase, can only be done with the account holder's social security number), and the card was sent somewhere else. (Chase refused to give us the address). How ironic is that- scammers can steal our identity, but the credit card company will not give us the information of the scammer.
Next, after obtaining a new credit report, there was 3 new accounts opened- Macy's, Citibank, and Landsafe. We then called each of these companies, explained that it was fraud, and asked for the accounts to be closed.
Of course, all of the new fraud accounts have to be 'investigated' before they take any action. Chase has a completely idiotic system. They asked that we make copies of all personal documents, (Drivers license, Social Security Card, etc.) And send it all to them. We told them that they are crazy. A credit card never made it to us, yet you want every piece of our identity sent through the same system? When we had nothing to do with the fraud? Ya, right. We told them no, and to handle it. We then contacted the police, filed a report, and gave them the lead to Circuit City. Which reminds me....

The most uncooperative was Circuit City. When we called them up,
and explained that they were the only ones in possession of all of our personal information that is now being used fraudulently, they did not want to have anything to do with us. Hmmmm.....My advice? Trust No One.
I had been procrastinating on practicing EVERYTHING that I preach. But no more. Today we signed up with Lifelock, and I encourage everyone to do the same. Do not be a fool like us and wait until a situation like this occurs to take action.
So, the police are on the case,and we will see what happens. I'll keep you updated!

P.S. Scammers, we have a message for you:

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DaPenguin said...

no wonder i havent heard from u in a while, damn about ur problem, that really sucks, wish i could help

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