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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Don't Fall For FREE

Consumer fraud steals BILLIONS from us each year. To avoid becoming a victim, learn to spot the warning signs. Be wary of offers advertising free merchandise - especially if it is in high demand and expensive like the iPhone. This is what the BBB has to say about it:

"Don’t fall for the promise of a free iPhone

BBB warns that offers for “free” merchandise can cost you in the end

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is helping people to spot and avoid legal, but deceptive advertising that lures unsuspecting consumers with free product promotions. Offers to consumers range from low-end gift cards, to high-value items such as iPods, video gaming systems, laptop computers, high definition televisions, and even the much-anticipated Apple iPhone – despite the fact that it won’t even be available until late June. Last year, the BBB System logged more than 5,200 complaints against online and direct mail marketers. Many consumers complained that, despite jumping through the considerable hoops – which often included buying pricey merchandise and services or providing friends’ e-mail addresses – they didn’t receive the “free” merchandise they were promised or were billed for other merchandise they didn’t want."

To get more information about this scam, or for a great list of recent scams, visit CPB Recent Scams Here.


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