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Saturday, March 22, 2008


ATM fraud is on the the highest of all time, as technology gets better and more advanced. Thieves have caught on to the benefits of using devices to access your money. Pay attention to your money, people. Check your bank statements weekly for fraudulent withdrawals, and keep up on all credit card/paypal and other accounts.

How to thieves get your information, you ask? By hacking into bank databases, phishing email scams, devices attached to retailer computer systems, and card skimming devices(like the picture above) placed on ATM machines and gas pumps. Knowing what to look for will make you one step closer to fraud proof.

The ATM card skimming devices fit right over the real card readers. There is usually a tiny camera somewhere on the ATM machine also, where the information of the ATM screen is recorded, as well as you punching in your PIN number. The scammers will now have your information, and it's bye bye bank account.
ATM scams have been reported in every major city in the world, and we can help prevent it.
If you notice anything suspicious when using an ATM machine, report it immediately to the authorities, and use another machine at a different location.

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It’s essential to we be aware of the safety, risks and the procedures in put to save from harm our cash.

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