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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why Online Fraud Protection?

Internet fraud has no limits and its anonymity has left many individuals and businesses in jeopardy. For E-commerce businesses it is necessary to have online fraud protection as the percentage of internet fraud keeps growing with time.
Getting online fraud protection helps improve the consumer confidence in your online business. If you have an e-commerce business that provides online fraud protection then you will have a higher percentage of consumer trust than those who do not provide online fraud protection. Online fraud protection will help you check for suspicious orders and help minimize the affects of fraud on your business. With online fraud protection you can provide protection to your customers against credit card theft and this will help protect you and your customers against potential fraud.

There are various kinds of internet frauds that you need protection against that include fake websites, online auctions and lotteries, emails asking for personal information, insecure servers and businesses claiming to give away hefty amounts of money as rewards.

Online Fraud Protection – Save yourself now!

With a few easy and significant steps you can get online fraud protection against potential threats.
Here’s what you can do:

• Websites beginning with ‘http’ are secure and before filling in any personal information on a webpage, you should check for its authenticity and security
• Do not trust emails asking for personal information even if they claim to be from your bank. Always call up your bank or the intended source to verify these as legitimate companies will never ask for personal information via emails
• It is not wise to trust the links given in emails. To check for authenticity, directly type the URL of the company’s website
• Don’t forget to inspect the credit card bills and other financial records that you get every month in order to protect yourself against credit card scam
• Report suspicious emails or mishaps in financial records immediately and in case of credit card scam suspicion contact your credit card issuer immediately
• Do not give out your credit card number online unless the website is secure

Tools used for Online Fraud Protection

Various software and tools are used that can protect you and your business from internet fraud. Email filters are great for detecting spam and potential fraud emails. Anti-virus and anti-spy software helps protect you against any possible virus and spy threats that might possibly pass any important information. For online fraud protection these software are essential especially while downloading. Keep these softwares updated and install a firewall that will help monitor all the incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer.

No one can ensure you a 100% online fraud protection; however taking all the needed action on your part will greatly ensure protection against any potential risk of fraud.

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