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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Example Of A Scam on A Popular Social Networking Site

The following ad is a scam setup.....looking to bait the first sucker. I will point out the red flags......

"I want a boy for cybersex my mail nathaly18x@gmail.com


Fashion & Style

USA, California
los angeles, saint 12

Hi, my name is nathaly I´m 18 years old and I look for boy to practice cybersex, I advise you I don´t accept your first words are:
- Offensive.
- 'Connect the webcam and undress'.
Also everybody must send an email to nathaly18x@gmail.com because I'd like to know something about the person who I want to practice sex. If anybody add to messenger without send me an email forget contact with me.
I have boyfriend and I just want to practice cybersex or ocasional meeting (I'm living alone on a flat). Obiously I must need discretion.

I'm waiting excited your answer.

1. Notice the black border on the top of the picture. What is that about!
2. This ad was posted in 'Fashion & style", and it is supposed to be a group to join, not a sex ad
3. Read the words. Someone who does not speak very good English wrote that ad!
4. "I am living alone in a flat" - What the hell is a flat? I live in L.A., as does this 'alleged' person in the ad. We do not call places we live 'flats'. Ever.
5. Of course, it is a new profile on the social networking site, with no friends, no info, zip.
6. A gmail, hotmail, & yahoo email accounts are widely used by scammers, so always be skeptical when you see these free email contacts. Note: I said WIDELY used. Not completely. I have a yahoo account!

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